Happy Dhanteras 2020 Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Happy Dhanteras. Dhanteras is a Hindu religious festival, that comes at the beginning of Diwali. According to Hindu belief on this special day of Dhanteras people should buy something valuable like gold. As the name says ‘Dhan’ means wealth or money and ‘Teras’ is the thirteenth day of the moon cycle. On this auspicious day of Dhanteras people worship goddess Lakshmi with great devotion and buy precious metals like gold, silver, etc. Dhanteras festival is also known as Dhanatrayodashi. It is celebrated on November 13th this year.  There is a belief that gold and silver protect from bad omen and negative evils if they are bought especially on Dhanteras day. Here in statuswhatsapp.co.in you can find special wishes and greetings for your loved ones on this Dhanteras.

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Special Wishes and Messages for Dhanteras in English

  • May this Dhanteras Light up new dreams,
    fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues,
    different perspectives, everything bright &
    beautiful and fill Your days with pleasant surprises and moments.
    Happy Dhanteras to you and your family.
  • On this auspicious festival, may your life:
    Shimmer with Silver;
    Shine with Gold;
    And dazzle like Platinum!
    Happy Dhanteras!
  • God’s blessing may come as a surprise and how much you receive, depends on how much your heart can believe. May you be blessed beyond what you expect…. Happy Dhanteras to You & Your Family!
  • Dear Goddess Lakshmi, Bless the recipient of this message with thirteen times Dhan on this Dhan Teras. Happy Dhanteras!
  • God’s blessing may cum as a surprise
    And how much U receive
    Depends on how much
    Ur Heart can believe.
    May U be blessed beyond what U expect….
    Subh Dhanteras to You & Your Family
  • May this Dhanteras Celebrations
    endow you with opulence and prosperity…
    Happiness comes at your steps
    Wishing much bright future in your life
    Shubh Danteras.
  • Adorn our lives else trite. With sparklers that motley skies. As soaring spirits of powder wander. Let us thank the heavenly might, In this festive season of lights.
  • May goddess Laxmi bless your business to do well despite all odds like the enduring charms of gold and diamonds. Happy Dhanteras
  • May this Dhanteras Celebration endow you with prosperity and opulence. Endless Happiness comes at your doorsteps Wishing you a very bright future in Life Shubh Dhanatrayodashi
  • May you also draw small footprints. With rice flour and vermilion powder. All over the house and keep the lamps. Burning all through the night, to indicate Her long-awaited arrival…!
  • May divine blessings of Goddess Laxmi bestow on your bountiful fortune, Shubh Dhanteras.
  • Sun glows for a day,
    Candle for an hour,
    Matchstick for a minute,
    But a wish can glow days forever,
    So here is my wish for glowing Dhanteras,
    glowing life!!

More Dhanteras Wishes:

  • May the wealth of happiness, riches of prosperity adorn your home on this Dhanteras and always.
  • May the footprints of Goddess Lakshmi enter your home and life. Happy Dhanteras
  • Happy Dhanteras to all, may God bring happiness and wealth to everyone.
  • May your life shimmer with silver, shine with gold, and dazzle like platinum. Happy Dhanteras.
  • Wealth is temporary, blessings are permanent. A happy Dhanteras to you all.
  • I pray that this auspicious occasion of Dhanteras showers you with wealth and prosperity as you journey towards greater success.
  • Decorate your home with candles, light up diyas, and draw rangolis as Goddess Lakshmi is about to visit! Happy Dhanteras.
  • Make this Dhanteras an occasion to remember by buying gold and silver and celebrating with your loved ones!
  • Wishing a happy and prosperous Dhanteras to one and all. May the blessings of Lord Dhanvantri and Lord Kuber be showered on you always.
  • Good health, lots of wealth, and prosperity in abundance are all the things I wish for you this Dhanteras.
  • I pray to you, dear Goddess Lakshmi to bless the receiver of this message with thirteen times Dhan on this auspicious day. Happy Dhanteras 2020!
  • May your business grow consistently every day, and may there always be peace and harmony in your family. I wish for you a perennial shower of wealth on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras.
  • Warm and heartfelt wishes to you on Dhanteras. May the Lord Kuber shower you with prosperity and wealth for a beautiful life!
  • Keep the lamps burning bright all through the night to indicate the long-awaited arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. Happy Dhanteras to you.
  • May you find newer paths and see new dreams for a new life that will always come true. Wishing you a very Happy Dhanteras.
  • May you fight against all odds and shine bright like gold and diamonds. Happy Dhanteras!
  • Sending you my choicest wishes so that you are blessed with harmony and eternal happiness in your family. Happy Dhanteras!

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  • Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras to you and your family….. Wishing you lots of blessings of Lord Dhanvantri for a healthy and happy life.
  • God’s blessing may come as a surprise
    And how much you receive depends on how much your heart can believe.
    May U be blessed beyond What U expect..“Subh Dhanteras”
  • Happy Dhanteras may this year
    and the year’s to come to bring lots of luck,
    money and prosperity to you and your family….
    Happy Dhanteras

Wishes for Dhanteras in Hindi

  • दीपक की रोशनी
    मिठाईयों की मिठास
    पटाखों की बौछार
    धन धान की बरसात
    हर पल हर दिन आपके लिए लाए
    धनतेरस का त्यौहार!
  • दीप जले तो रोशन आपका जहान हो,
    पूरा आपका हर एक अरमान हो,
    माँ लक्ष्मी जी की कृपा बनी रहे आप पर,
    इस धनतेरस पर आप बहुत धनवान हों.
  • सोने का रथ, चांदनी की पालकी,
    बैठकर जिसमें है माँ लक्ष्मी आई,
    देने आपको और आपके पूरे परिवार को,
    धनतेरस की बधाई….!!!

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  • आज से आप के घर धन की बरसात हो,
    संकट का नाश हो,माँ लक्समी का निवास हो,
    सर पे उन्नति का ताज हो.
    हैप्पी धनतेरस.
  • धनतेरस है
    घर में सुख का वास हो,
    यं धनतेरस आपका खस हो!
  • लक्ष्मी विराजे अनके घर मैं,
    सदा उठे सुख की छाय
    शुभ धनतेरस।
  • खुशी की संपत्ति,
    समृद्धि की समृद्धि इस धनतेरस पर और हमेशा अपने घर को निहारें!
  • धनतेरस के इस त्यौहार पर,
    देवी लक्ष्मी का दिव्य आशीर्वाद
    आप को भाग्य पर शुभकामनाएँ,
    यहाँ मेरी इच्छाएँ भेज रहा हूँ।
    शुभ धनतेरस।
  • आपक करोबार, दिनोदिन बदहटा जाय
    स्नेह और प्यार, परिवर मैं बन
    होति रहै सदा आपनि भाँकी बोछार,
    अइसा हो आपका DHANTERAS ka tyohar।
    शुभ धनतेरस!
  • धन धन भ्री वह धनतेरस
    धनतेरस का दिन वो बड़ा हाय मुबारक,
    माता लक्ष्मी वो ये दिन क्या संचलक
    चालो मिलकर करे पूजा उन्की
    क्यूं की लक्ष्मीजी हाय वो जीवन की उध्रक`
  • धनतेरस का ये तोहार,
    जीवन मुझको खुशियां अपार,
    माता लक्ष्मी विराजे आप द्वार,
    आपि सबहि काम करि सुकर।
    हैप्पी धनवंतरी त्रयोदशी
  • हो सकता है कि धनतेरस का यह शुभ अवसर कई नई परियोजनाओं और अवसरों के साथ आपके रोजमर्रा के काम को चमकाए।
    शुभ धनतेरस!
  • भगवान कुबेर आपके व्यापार को वृद्धि, अवसरों और मुनाफे के साथ स्नान करें।
    एक धन्य और खुश धनतेरस की कामना।
  • बढ़ता जाये आपका कारोबार,
    परिवार में बना रहे स्नेह और प्यार,
    अपार धन की बौछार, होती रहे सदा
    ऐसा हो आपका धनतेरस का त्यौहार.
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