How to search Photos, Videos, GIF’s, using WhatsApp’s Latest Search Feature

Facebook has now begun rolling out a new feature called advanced search to the final version of the app for both Android and iOS, after rolling out dark mode for whatsapp.


Whatsapp also had a search feature that was restricted only to contacts and chats. Facebook, however, has updated the current functionality with deeper integration with chats with the latest update, which now enables users to scan in-chat content including images, videos, gifs, documents, links which audio files.

And if you wonder how the new search method functions, then follow our step-by-step guide.

Pre-requisites: ensure that the new version of whatsapp is updated from the respective app stores.

Working Internet Connection

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Steps to use the Advanced Search Feature

1. Open Whatsapp on your smartphone and swipe down to show a new search bar.


2 On the app’s home screen. Tap on the search bar now and type whatever you want to check to see the results of the current chats.


Using the new search function from WhatsApp is easy, all you need to do is open the app and swipe down to show the new search bar on the chat screen. If you tap on the search bar, a drop-down menu of several categories will appear — Images, GIFs, Links, Videos, Documents, and Audio. If you want to see results from all the categories, pick no category now. If you’re searching for a particular type of file, however, select the appropriate category and then check for the keyword.

For example, if you’re searching for any cricket-related images or videos posted by someone, simply select pictures and enter the keyword of the Cricket in the search bar. Whatsapp will automatically pull up all images relevant to cricket that you sent or got on WhatsApp.

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