World First Aid Day 2020

In 2020 World First Aid Day is on September 12th. The second Saturday of September. This is an annual campaign or routine to promote the very importance of first aid in preventing injuries and saving lives. First Aid training is a must for almost everyone. This can save many individuals’ life.

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First Aid and Importance

First aid is the immediate assistance given to a person who suffers from minor or serious illness or injury. This care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from deteriorating, or to promote any recovery. The purpose of first aid is to mitigate injury and future disability. In most serious cases, first aid is necessary to keep the victim alive before the arrival of the doctor and can apply the more specialized treatment.

The 5 Main Aims Of First Aid Are:

  • Preserve someone’s life.
  • prevent the escalation of any illness or injury.
  • protect from becoming unconscious.
  • promote fast recovery.
  • Promote pain relief.

History Of World First Aid Day

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) World First Aid Day in 2000. First Aid started over 160 years back. At the Battle of Solferino in north Italy. Henry Dunant, a businessman from Geneva encountered a devastating amount of suffering. He enlisted the civilian population and served the wounded mainly women, girls irrespective of the fight. With the required materials, he established many makeshift hospitals and served them. The celebration of this day raises public awareness for the first aid, how First Aid can save lives every day, and during any crisis situations. The IFRC make people learn the first aid training or at least educate them to practice any available and reliable sources.

World First Aid Day 2020: Theme

First aid saves lives

September 12, 2020, is World First Aid Day, an annual campaign to encourage the importance of first aid training in injuries and saving lives.

How to Celebrate World First Aid Day

Celebrating World First Aid Day is made in a simple way. You should learn how to use a first aid kit necessary for vital during emergencies. First aid training can now be learned through the means of the internet. You should utilize World First Aid Day in many positive ways by learning and spreading the prominence of first aid.

World First Aid Quotes

Your best first aid is job safety.

Every second count learns first aid.

We believe in keeping you safe.

Become a lifesaver.

The bleeding edge of care.

Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.

Give a life a second chance.

First aid first!

Meet you in the first aid tent.

One life saved.

Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.

Give a life a second chance.

First aid first!

Meet you in the first aid tent.

One life saved.

Be a hero save lives. I support the first aid squad.

First aid for life.

Don’t be a dummy about first aid.

First aid. It is what it is.

If you don’t know first aid. You can’t help.

Rite Aid. With us, it’s personal.

Learn first aid to save lives.

Be the one to make the difference.

Keep calm and perform first aid.

Save life learn cpr.

Hugs are emotional first aid. Give someone.

Emergency first response.

The first response is the most vital to learn first aid.

You better buy or else you’ll die.

In the event of an emergency are you prepared to save a life?

Help save a life today.

Save a life first aid & cpr.

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