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World Post Office Day is observed and celebrated on 9 October as the World Postal anniversary every year. World Post Office Day is famous in other names like Postal Day or World Post Day or World Postal Day. Here in this article, we have gathered World Post Office Day Quotes, Thoughts World Post Day wishes, Shayari Message SMS, and many others to increase the much-needed awareness about the most important post office and postal service.

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World Post Office Day Quotes Shayari Message Status

Indian delegation team member Anand Mohan Narula has given the initial proposal to celebrate the world post office day. The same is declared in the year 1969 by UPU Congress as World Post Day. And this day was also celebrated for the first time on the agency Universal Postal Union anniversary. World Post Office Day is celebrated on 9 October in India. On the occasion of this World Post Office Day, famous and great Inspirational quotes are made available to people awareness and the importance of postal service.

World Post Office Day Quotes Thoughts

World Post Office Day is annually celebrated to make postal service better and efficient. Also to spread awareness among people about the valuable services of the Postal Department. Some special World Post Day Quotes Thoughts are made available to drive people towards postal service. You can post all the World Postal Day Quotes Thoughts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Social Media Platforms of your choice. Scroll down to this page and read all the World Post Office Day Quotes, Thoughts, and Precious Words.

“One of the things the government can’t do is run anything. The only things our government runs are the post office and the railroads, and both of them are bankrupt”

“The postal service is employing more than a half-million people- and its history is long and complicated”

“Thank God postal services were invented and used, or else Pigeons would have remained our resort”

“The post-office is a wonderful establishment! The regularity and dispatch of postal service! If one thinks of all that it has to do, and all that it does so well, it is astonishing”

“There are more arrogant, pompous, self-centered, mediocre-type people running corporate America who should be sent on some postal route delivering mail”

“Who thought sending notes, letters, or gifts over posts is so easy! Postal services have made our lives a lot easier”

“At the bank, post office or supermarket, there is only one universal law which you ignore at own peril: the shortest line moves the slowest”

” Letter is the most significant memorial a person can leave behind”

“The Post Office is careful nowadays. When they get a package marked “Fragile,” they throw it underhand”

“The infrastructure of all Nations over the globe has highly increased because of the World Postal Service”

” To send a letter is the best way to go somewhere without moving anything but heart”

“The post office achieves its mission. I wish we could say the same of the CIA”

“In an age like ours where there is no letter writing. We forget what an important part Postal service used to play in people’s lives”

“The post office is raising the cost of stamps again. I heard that and said to myself, ‘If only there was an inexpensive electronic way of communicating”

” Handwritten letters are more meaningful than any emails and digital messages”

World Post Office Day Quotes wishes Shayari Status For FB Whatsapp

World Post Office Day Quotes Happy World Post Day wishes Shayari Message Status For Whatsapp Facebook is shared via this amazing article. you can share the post office contributions in social and economic development & congratulate Post Office Day by sharing and posting these World Postal Day Quotes Shayari World Post Office Day Quotes Message, World Post Day Quotes Shayari Message World Post Office Day Facebook Whatsapp Status with your friends and loved ones.

Hindi – World Post Office Day Shayari
क्या खता हमसे हुई की ख़त का आना बंद है
आप है हमसे खफा या डाक खाना बंद है


Hindi – World Post Day Shayari
खतो में चलती कहानी के दिन याद आते है
हमें डाकघर की जवानी के दिन याद आते है


Hindi – World Postal Day Shayari
अगर भगवानो का भी पोस्ट ऑफिस होता
तो दिल की हर चिट्टी तुझ तक पहुँच जाती
मेरा हर वो ख़त तेरे पास होता
जो शब्दों में, मैं कभी लिख ही नहीं पाती

World Post Office Day – Facebook Whatsapp Status

In the changing times, people use more Facebook Posts or Whatsapp Status to congratulate them. Therefore, keeping in view the needs of all of you, the best World Post Day Facebook Whatsapp Status has been made available here. You can use these amazing statuses to wish for World Post Office Day.

World Postal Day Status 2020 For Facebook posts and Whatsapp status

“Without the Services of the Post offices, it would be difficult for the world to be connected”

“It is important to mail the packages so they can get to the destinations even if those packages go to different places before getting where they are to reach”

World Post Day FB Whatsapp Status

“postal workers will take care of the mail no matter what the weather is like in any area”

“The rules associated with the post office are certainly varied but the services that are available are always there for people to take advantage of”

Happy World Post Office Day Facebook Whatsapp Status

“The Post office always sends things out to people to make it easier for everyone to stay in touch and to certainly be positive over how society is developing”

“No one wants to wait at the office but no one wants to be unheard. That’s what the post office is for as it links people to the rest of the world”

World Post Office Day Wishes, Messages Greeting SMS

“Celebrate this day to spread awareness in the various parts of the society so that everyone has a complete idea about the prominence of postal service on this day” Wish you a happy World Post Day.

“Postal workers dedicate all their lives to helping and serving people. Dedicate this day to honor and respect them” All the Best wishes to you on this occasion of World Post Day

“Postal services play an important role in the daily life of every human being by making a high level of access to digital communication” Honor them. Wish you a very happy World Post Day

“Increase the awareness among people about the postal sector role for people and businesses and celebrate this memorable day” Best wishes to you on this occasion of World Post Day

“Without the services of post offices, it would be very difficult for the whole world to stay connected” Honor it. Wish you a very happy World Post Day

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