Can WhatsApp make Money for you? Here it is real or myth

People need extra income to meet their expenses. There was a time when an individual is satisfied doing a 9-5 job throughout the year. Even, the entire family dependent on him have no complain. But today, with better standard of living, expenses keep on increasing. The demand for the entire family has increased. Thus, people are looking for an alternative source of income. Also, the technology and different types of apps have become an important medium of earning an additional sum apart from monthly salary.

Whatsapp is a well known social media that helps people connect with one another. This is a wonderful platform through which people can chat, send pictures, videos to one another. Also, the users of Whatsapp can communicate with another through a voice call and video call. Some people have a question in mind about whether Whatsapp makes money for the users. This is an important factor in the discussion.

Facts on the evolution of Whatsapp

Whatsapp has been a very popular and user-friendly app which most of the people are using for seamless communication. These days even the corporate does make WhatsApp group communicate among their staff, team members, etc. Also, the benefit of chats, sending pictures and videos, call as well as video calling facilities came for free. But, in between, during the year 2014, the WhatsApp authority decided to charge a subscription to all its users. The charge was $0.99 in a year. By doing this, the authority of the app was successful in earning the sum of $ 1 billion in the first 9 months. Again Facebook was known to have acquired $19 billion from the app. From then again Whatsapp became completely free to the users.

How to use Whatsapp?

Not everybody was an expert in using the apps launched in the market. Thus, when people heard about the name of the ‘ Whatsapp’ app in the market, they were quite eager about it. They don’t know how to use it. Time has come for Whatsapp to download. If you have a Smartphone, downloading Whatsapp is easier. Following are the steps:

  • Go to the play store on your mobile
  • Search for WhatsApp messenger
  • As soon as you get it in the play store, set Whatsapp to download
  • Once it is done you can install it by pressing the install button
  • Open the app and start chatting with the contacts who are already in WhatsApp
  • At the top, you will get call option pressing which will immediately call your contact
  • You can press the video option at the top to video call your friend or relative.

How to use Whatsapp on the web?

Sometimes you may be busy working on your laptop or desktop. Thus, attending to your smartphone to see the WhatsApp messages becomes tough. The Whatsapp on the web is such an option through which you can carry on with your chat through the same app while you are working on the computer. Following is the procedure

  • Go to the WhatsApp app
  • You will see 3 dot symbols at the top right of your app
  • Click that and you will find the option ‘WhatsApp web’
  • Click that and you will get a bar code scanner
  • Now, go to your web browser and search for WhatsApp web’
  • You will get the code which you have to scan with your mobile scanner
  • Immediately your laptop will get the code and all your contacts and chats of WhatsApp which was on mobile will be transferred to your computer
  • This is the option which you got directly from the Whatsapp website
  • You can now work with your official task one window of your computer and another window just beside that will be open for the popular social media app through which you can easily chat.

Rumors on WhatsApp- statement of authority

Soon Whatsapp became the biggest platform for social media. The subscriber of this app was more as compared to any other apps. Thus, the competitors, as well as rivals, have increased. This gives rise to the spread of several rumors about WhatsApp. One of the devastating rumors was, ‘ WhatsApp is a data mining tool for facebook’.  But, the Whatsapp authority did not keep quiet after hearing this. They started to write articles, blogs and newsletters saying, the statement is wrong and totally a rumor.

The Co-founder Jan Koum explained in his talks that, Whatsapp communication is totally private and there is no data leakage to other sources. Thus, people should not worry and panic. He also added that no data in WhatsApp is added and stored. In order to make the app as well as Whatsapp status much more secure, the authority has put much more security. Thus, whenever you start communicating with a contact for the first time, you will get the message that, ‘ the messages you send to this chat and call are now secured with end to end encryption’. Some people do wonder about the particular message. But, this, however, means the communication between the user as well as the contact is going to be totally private. Neither the WhatsApp authority nor any other third party will be able to view the contents.

The strategy of Whatsaap in making money

Millions of people throughout the world are using this user-friendly app. Thus, it is quite obvious that the app making authority is earning good revenue. But, most people were not aware of how and to what extent the revenue is been made by the authority. At the initial stage, Whatsaap received a fund amounting to $250K from its 5 friends. Later they were granted the status of co-founder. During its later days, the app received a fund amounting to $ 60 million. from Sequoia Capital. This was however received in 2 parts. In the year 2011, the fund received was $8 million. But, again in 2013, it was $52 million.

Whatsaap in Colwlar Inc

One of the startup companies in the US known as Cowlar Inc dealt with dairy cows. There was a need for monitoring the activity of dairy cows. The company was vigorously finding out ways on how to improve the yield of milk. According to the co-founder of the organization, Umer Ilyer, the communication through WhatsApp will be really beneficial in reaching the customers who stay at the remote location of the countries like Pakistan, India as well as Brazil. Thus, Whatsaap really proved its worth in bringing in the customers to the contact of this diary company. The social media platform was so useful for the company that the automatic WhatsApp message alerts are sent right from the callers to the farmers. As a result, the real-time monitoring of the cows is very well done. It is really very beneficial for communication through this messaging system as most of the farmers in various countries have WhatsApp.

Whatsaap for business

Apart from being a social platform where people can communicate with their friends, relatives and loved ones, Whatsaap is also known for contributing to many big corporate houses. For this, the organizations have to avail of the Whatsaap business application. Through this users can easily create their business profile. Rather along with the profile, the business organization can also create some links to their official website as well as Facebook account. As a result, as soon as the user clicks the link, the kit will be easily directed to the pages on facebook as well as website. There will be other facilities as well. The autoresponder is another service which people with a business account can get. Not only this, but it is also possible to link the landline number with the app and show the authentication with the product offerings. But this service is completely free till today.

Whatsaap business API

This is probably the first revenue-earning products that the WhatsApp authority has launched. If you are looking for Whatsapp for the web, the same is available with this. The service is used to integrate the business in such a way that all the messages reach the customers with automatic notifications. But, even there are chances of ad spam. Thus, there are options for restrictions on such ads. If you wish to allow them, then only it will be allowed. The other advantages of this service are appointment reminders, getting shipping confirmation, sending event tickets to customers etc. Today, most of the eCommerce websites are using this application to give better service to customers. Now, this entire service is chargeable. Rather, Whatsaap has treated it as a revenue generation service.  The service is free for 24 hours. But, once the period exceeds it will be chargeable. There is an option for the business to choose the reply manually through their other tools or apps.

The payment options of Whatsaap

The payment option is always there when it is about WhatsApp. There is a P2P payment option by the popular social media app. This payment application is suitable for Indian users. But, the authority is working to boost this status in the market. Soon it will be utilized by other people in various other countries. In the future, a business can get many more benefits through this Whatsapp payment option. Recently a conference of Facebook was conducted where Mark Zuckerberg has said about his future plans about the Whatsaap payment as FB has a good link with Whatsaap. The proprietor also assured that the payment gateway will open to the rest of the world very soon. After which many businesses will rely on this payment gate.

How Whatsapp earn revenue in the future?

There are a lot of talks about WhatsApp earning revenue. Even a few groups say that Whatsaap has been copying the revenue earning strategies from other messaging apps. The snap chat is one of the popular names in this regard. In order to promote the business, traders can easily download Whatsapp status. The business can easily use the status feature as well.

How to make money with Whatsaap?

Whatsaap is a wonderful platform through which people can easily generate revenue. It is not needed that you have to be businessmen. People use social media platforms to promote their business and products. This is done through advertisement. But, the Whatsaap does not allow advertisements. Even then there are so many ways through which you can earn from Whatsapp. Following are some of the ways in regards to this:

1. Affiliate system of earnings

This is one of the best options for individuals who wish to earn extra apart from their regular income. One of the biggest examples of the Affiliate platform is Amazon. People can earn a commission once the product is sold. There are many people who earn from Whatsapp with the help of affiliate marketing techniques. As soon as you sell a particular product from specific online marketing websites, you get the amount credited to your account.

2. Content viral

These days people want information on several subjects. They do not depend on their friends and relatives. Rather, they depend on the internet and Google search engine. One of the popular ways of earning money through WhatsApp is to share the important content with the contacts present in WhatsApp. Another important term connected to this is none other than the URL shortening services. Through this, the actual website links are made short. As soon as the public or visitors click on each short URL, the user gets paid. This way you can earn from Whatsapp.

3. App file sharing features

There is yet another simple way through which people can earn through WhatsApp. The app sharing features is a wonderful way to sit at home and earn money through the WhatsApp app. This is good for businessmen. Through the app file sharing features, you can easily offer the customers the offers and services. Also, there is a facility of e-conference or seminars. This way you can express your ideas.

4. URL shortening method

When you are willing to share any content right from the website and earn through WhatsApp, the best way will be to share the URL. Now, if the url is lengthy, it becomes really difficult to share. Thus, the URL shortening method is the best way. For this, you have to follow some simple steps. Following are the steps:

  • You have to take the URL that you wish to share and paste it on the shorten URL search engine. There are many such tools and links. Some of the examples are,,,, etc. You can choose any one and click on shorten URL option
  • The next step will be to copy the shortened URL
  • The third step is to send the particular link to all the contacts who are there in your WhatsApp list
  • You will earn money as your WhatsApp contacts read the articles within the link. The more people read the text, the more money you will earn.

PPD network

One of the popular ways for the general public to earn extra is with PPD. It means pay per download. You have to upload the files and as soon as users download the files that have been uploaded by you, the authority credits money in your account. There are many such sites that provide you with such facilities. One of the most popular one is known as This website is really popular throughout the globe as it pays really high. Now, your question will be of how will these be connected to the WhatsApp earning. This is a very good question. But, the answer to it is ready as well. Following is the way to earn:

  • Go to the site
  • You will find a wide range of songs, images as well as movies
  • Choose the ones that you like and wish to upload
  • Now, you will get the option to upload your latest videos related to songs, movies as well as other facts
  • Now, share the link with your WhatsApp contact
  • As soon as they download the links, you will get paid for it.

How to download WhatsApp status?

You must be hearing about Whatsapp status among people. But, few people don’t know how to download it as well. Even many people wish to download the Whatsapp status of the people who are in their contact. But, there is also a question about whether it is ethical to Download Whatsapp status of others? Some people may not do it in the wrong sense. Rather they must have liked the photograph which they wish to place in their phone wallpaper or lock screen. Also, others wish to share the interesting videos and pictures to their friends and relatives so that he or she gets the same pleasure that the viewer has received. Yes, there is much genuine reason to download the WhatsApp status.

But, Whatsaap has a tight security system. As a result, no one can view the conversation between two people who are using the WhatsApp application. Even the WhatsApp authority won’t be able to see. But, the WhatsApp do not have a system to notify its users on the other hand that you are downloading their status. Also, you are not asking permission from your friend or relative from beforehand. Thus, this is a shortcoming of the WhatsApp app.

But, there are ways to download the WhatsApp status. Following are the tricks:

1. Third-party downloader app

One of the ways to download the Whatsapp status is by using the third party downloader app. If you don’t know the name of such an app, just go to the play store and search for the ‘ third party downloader app’, You can get a good list of such apps. You have to simply download the same. In order to start the process, you have to install the status saver. Your system will ask permission when you are installing the app for the first time. Once it is done you can easily download media from the WhatsApp statuses of others.

2. Access of hidden status folder

One of the weak points of the app is the fact that whenever the user loads the status on Whatsapp it is stored in the android hidden folder on a temporary basis. Normally, WhatsApp allows the user to keep the status visible for 24 hours. Thus, till that time the data remains in the temporary file. You can easily access that temporary folder. But, you will require a file manager. Every android phone has this option. But, in any case, you don’t have this feature, make use of file manager +. It will easily do the task. As soon as you have installed the same you have to go to the main storage. There you will see the three-dot menu. Go to the view option and you will find show hidden files.

Is it easy to earn money through WhatsApp?

There are many talks as well as articles related to WhatsApp and the way to make money through the particular app. But, many people have failed trying it. Thus, a question always arises in their minds about whether it is easy to earn from Whatsapp. But, it is really easy to earn through WhatsApp if you follow the techniques. Some people make mistakes or stops in the middle while going through the earning procedure through WhatsApp. The best way to keep on earning through the app is by continuing the process of sending the articles and information to your contacts in the WhatsApp. You cannot expect to make money in one day and become rich. You simply have to be patient and keep on doing the marketing through the WhatsApp. Also when you are promoting a product, do it in a continuous fashion.


 You will definitely get success after some weeks and months. Earn from Whatsapp easily with the tips and procedures mentioned in the article above. No, earning from WhatsApp is not at all a myth. It is real and any people can get the pleasure of earning extra from WhatsApp. You don’t need to be highly qualified in order to earn through the WhatsApp app. All you need to have is a smartphone and internet connection. Of course, you need to have WhatsApp app installed in your device.

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