CompTIA Network+ Certbolt Certification and Its Importance to Networking Professionals

Are you working in the IT industry and planning to venture into networking? Then you need to obtain the relevant credentials. The certificates give you the confidence that you are familiar with the fundamentals of networking and everything related to it. The CompTIA Network+ Certbolt certification is one of the options that you need to earn if you want to have a successful career. In this post, we will explain what this credential is about and why it is helpful for your career.

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What is the CompTIA Network+ certification?

CompTIA Network+ is one of the leading certificates designed to foster one’s fundamental skills. The vendor reviews its tests frequently to make sure that they reflect the recent industry practices. To get it, the applicants will need to pass the N10-007 exam, which has 90 questions and lasts for 90 minutes. The test covers five topics, which includes the following:

  • Network operations;
  • Infrastructure;
  •  Networking concepts;
  •  Network tools and troubleshooting;
  •  Network security.

Don’t forget that you need to master all these domains. You can do it by using exam dumps, applying for training courses, reading books, taking practice tests, and so on. We recommend that you use several options to achieve success in your task.

Why is the CompTIA Network+ certification important?

There are many benefits that come after getting CompTIA Network+. It will help you advance your career in the IT field and bring you even more. Here are some points on the importance of this credential to networking professionals:

1. Offers the first important step

For those applicants who want to advance their career in IT, it is good to learn everything about software, hardware, and different OS. If you earn the CompTIA A+ certificate, it will be much easier for you. Nevertheless, there might be a likelihood that many individuals do not want to pursue the A+ credential and move to Network+. The best part is that you can pursue CompTIA Network+ without the need of taking the A+ route first.

This means that Network+ is among the most coveted IT credentials. Since it teaches both basic and advanced network skills, it is perfect for any individual who wants to venture into a networking career. Moreover, you can move ahead to CompTIA Security+ if you already have this badge.

2. Gives a good foundation for less experienced individuals

If you are starting your networking profession, the most effective way to advance your skills is to obtain the Network+ certificate. It is regarded as the first step on the road to a thriving career. Past work experience in the networking field is not a requirement.

3. Has no limitations

The most exciting thing about this certification is that anyone can pursue it. Whether you have just graduated or want to add it to your current path, CompTIA Network+ is helpful for any individual. Irrespective of one’s background or age, it can be pursued by any professional.

4. Grants better job opportunities

The job market is becoming tough because of the economic meltdown. Thus, the hiring managers have a list of prerequisites for the vacant positions. Most of the time, it is not easy to get employment if you do not have the relevant experience and badge. While the IT market is flooded with various positions, earning a respected certificate like CompTIA Network+ will increase your likelihood of landing a decent job.


There are numerous IT certifications provided by various vendors. Therefore, you can begin with those that are related to your career ambitions. However, in most cases, CompTIA Network+ is an ideal choice for many individuals aspiring to get into networking. So, if you pursue it, you will surely get a lot of benefits.

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