How different is Whatsapp for Business from Whatsapp Messenger?

There are 4 billion people in the world who use smartphones. Among them, 2 billion people use WhatsApp, out of that 68% of people say that WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect to the business.

Most of the potential customers or users of your businesses use messaging as a channel of communication and particularly WhatsApp for business. Moreover, most of the customers don’t want to install a new app or change a new messaging platform just to communicate with a business. So, if you are not using WhatsApp business communication with your customers, then you are missing a great chance to have good customer relationship.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free to download application. It was built to help micro-size businesses communicate more efficiently with their customers. It is similar to the normal WhatsApp messenger, with feature like quick replies and labels to help businesses automate, sort, and quickly respond to customer messages.

Along with WhatsApp, WhatsApp API (application programming interface) was also released in 2018 to help medium and large scale business enterprises to integrate WhatsApp business with their CRM, messages and automate processes through their current stack, unlimited messages, contacts from their databases instead of depending on phone contacts.

WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp API-which is best for your Business?

Usually WhatsApp business application and WhatsApp API are used based on the type of business, but apart from the business type you have to consider other factors.

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WhatsApp Business App

Consider the following data to decide whether WhatsApp business app is suitable for you.

Company Size: It is perfect for Micro Business (1-6 employees). It is impossible to use the WhatsApp Business app for multiple users, that means only one person can respond to the queries with the registered mobile number.

Customer Persona: Suitable for mobile customers who want immediate assistance to make a purchase. Generally millennials and Gen Z users who are online shoppers, expect a response in real-time or within 10 mins.

Business Requirement:

  • Single agent to respond to the queries. (No multi-user feature in WhatsApp business app)
  • Requires only basic features like messaging, quick reply and greeting messages.
  • Low broadcast message requirement. You can send a message to 256 contacts only and all the contacts need to be added manually to broadcast a message.

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is a very speed, secured, and dependable way for businesses to reach their customers all over the world. Here are some features to decide whether WhatsApp business API is right for your business.

Company Size: It is suitable for business with 11-250 employees, i.e. small micro business, medium size business (250-5000 employees) and business enterprise (more than 5000 employees).

Customer Persona: Customers expecting an immediate reply while purchasing from an e-commerce store, track orders, book tickets or who wish to chat instead of calling customer care.

Business Requirement:

  • WhatsApp Application programming interface provides a feature of multiple users to respond a query. High volume queries require more support agents to respond.
  • WhatsApp Business API provides integration with CRM or CSS, so that the sales team will be able to use one tool to manage and answer the queries instead of WhatsApp business app.
  • Who wants automate the process like order details, cancellations and refunds using chatbots.
  • Companies or enterprise who needs to send bulk notifications without limits.
  • Businesses looking for an automation to add contacts instead of adding manually.
  • If you want to reduce overloading by giving an option to the customer to continue the conversation.

If you are thinking to have a messaging solution which has WhatsApp API integration that can automate the overall process with bots, then try Freshchat.

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Creating a WhatsApp Business Account

Setting up a WhatsApp business account is an easy task, it is a simple 4 step process


You need a smartphone android or iOS, a new contact number before setting up a WhatsApp business account. It requires a new number because WhatsApp doesn’t allow messenger and business apps to have the same number. But if you wish to use WhatsApp messenger number for WhatsApp business app, You can migrate the same number of WhatsApp business.

If you already have a WhatsApp messenger account, easily you can migrate your account along with chat history and media files to WhatsApp business account. But moving back to the same WhatsApp messenger account, will not allow you to move chat history from business account to the messenger.

Downloading and setting up WhatsApp Business app

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app from the google play store.
  2. Verify your phone number. Add your business name and category.
  3. To add a description and address, click on “show more options”.
  4. Create your profile: Enter all the details while setting up WhatsApp business account or go to settings and fill the details.
  5. Click on the edit option, to add or change your business details.Here you can update the following
  • Profile photo
  • Add phone number
  • Business description and location
  • Add a business category
  • Working days and hours
  • Email ID and website address
  • Business status

How to set up Whatsapp Business Tools?

1. Messaging Tools

Messaging tools helps to build key conversations with customers and helps you to engage with automated messages. Whatsapp business messaging tool helps you to set up automated greeting messages, build quick replies to answer frequently asked questions.

a) Greeting message
Automated greeting messages helps you to send introduction messages to your customer. You can set up a welcome message for your business as follows

To set up a greeting message

  • Go to Business Tools > Greeting message
  • Enable Greeting Message
  • Tap on the edit icon and add your message
  • Tap on “Save” to save the changes.

Greeting message templates

  • Hey there! Welcome to our store. What can we help you with today?
  • Woof! Welcome to <Business name>. I’ll reply immediately- unless I am out for walkies!
  • Welcome to our store ,We are here to help you.
  • Hi there looking for <product name>? We’re here to help you!
  • Hi!! Are you looking for <product name>? We’ve got deals for every occasion.
  • Welcome to our restaurant! Would you like to see the menu?

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b) Quick replies
Quick replies allows you to save and reuse messages that you frequently send, which helps you to quickly answer common questions. You can easily retrieve a quick reply by typing “/” with the shortcut.

To set up a greeting message.

  • Go to Business Tools > Greeting message
  • Enable Greeting Message
  • Tap on the edit icon and add your message
  • Tap on “Save” to save the changes.

c) Away message
These are messages which are sent during the closing hours of business. This helps your customers to know the working hour details of your business and crete a good customer experience.

Steps to set up an away message

  • Go to Business Tools > Away message
  • Tap on “set away message” to enable away message
  • Tap on the edit icon and add your message
  • Set the schedule and add recipients.
  • Tap on “Save” to save the changes

Templates of away messages

  • Hello, we’re so happy that you texted <Business name>. We can’t wait to talk shop when we’re back in the store. We work Monday to Friday, 9 am – 7 pm
  • Hi, thanks so much for reaching out! We’ll be thrilled to answer your questions during our business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Hi! Business name> here. You’ve just missed us! We’ll be back in action during shop hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm.
  • Heyo! Looks like you’ve visited us on a weekend. We’ll be back on Monday. Happy weekend.

2. Labels

Labels help you to organize your conversations and makes it easier to find your messages. They can be created with different colors and can be added to complete conversation or to certain messages of a conversation.

3. Catalog

Catalogs are a mobile store for businesses to show their products and goods to their customers. People can easily search and find something they want to buy. Before WhatsApp business API, businesses had to send product photos one by one at a time along with the product information. With WhatsApp business API customers are now able to see the full product catalogue.

It helps business owners to be more professional and customer engagement can be increased in the WhatsApp conversation itself. Each item in the catalog, can be provided with complete information including price, product code and description. The catalog feature is presently available to all businesses which are using WhatsApp business app on Android and iPhone in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, U.K and the U.S.

Steps to add a product or service to a catalog

  • Open the WhatsApp Business app > Click on More options⋮ > Business tools > Catalog. If creating a new catalog, tap “Add Item”.
  • Click the green plus icon, then Add Images.
  • Tap “Gallery” to upload images from your Photos or Camera. You can upload up to 10 images.
  • Provide a product name. You can also provide optional details such as price, description, website link, and product or service code for the uploaded product.
  • Click on “Save”.

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5 Reasons to Use Whatsapp Business API

There are 5 main reasons to use whatsapp business in customer communications. They are

  1. Creating superior brand connections.
  2. Connecting with customers
  3. Engaging globally
  4. Two sided conversations
  5. Private and secured messaging

Creating superior brand connections

Building great relationship with the customers is the most important thing for a business. Whatsapp provides business with a closed and personal environment to communicate with their customers. With whatsapp business account, companies create their unique business profiles which allows you to provide details like email, contacts, social media links, store address and website URLs. Since whatsapp verifies all business accounts, customers are assured with end to end security.

Connecting with customers

Traditional communication channels like phone, email, SMS are no longer meeting consumer demand. They are abandoned in favor of more convenient communication channels. Successful companies deliver exceptional customer  services through various communication channels including WhatsApp business API.

Engaging globally

WhatsApp is the top one messaging app in almost all countries and has the highest smartphone penetration rates, nearly 95% in some countries. Since WhatsApp is free for users, it has become most popular in less than a decade for both personal and business conversations. If you are planning totap  into a global market, WhatsApp should be in your communication portfolio.

Two sided conversations

WhatsApp is a two-way communication channel, both business and customers can interact directly. Today’s customers want to interact with the business enterprises, not just to get a response in one way messages directed to them. This is true in many parts of the world where two-way interactions are not allowed due to regulatory issues, poor quality of phone numbers and connectivity problems. WhatsApp gives a solution to these issues by providing reliable two-way messaging around the globe.

Private and secured messaging

The most significant benefit of WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption and protecting privacy of subscribers. Customers want a familiar and secure way to connect with businesses they are looking for. Also Whatsapp provides two-factor authentication which assures that the users you are messaging with are who they say they are.

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Bottom Line

If you are running a micro-business that is just starting using a messaging channel for communication with customers, to take orders, customer address where the number of customers are less, You can go with WhatsApp business where a single person can handle all the data without any kind of automation.

But if are the owner of a medium scale business or a small business looking to expand by selling products to a large customer base, then you have to go for WhatsApp APIs as it provides business integration, automation and control over your conversation.

In both the ways, WhatsApp Business is a powerful messaging tool that the business enterprises can use to sell products and provide good customer service.


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