A complete Guide to use WhatsApp While Working from Home

Working From Home? Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, most workplaces have shifted operations to employee's homes, the knock-on effect of which means ...

How WhatsApp Helps You Stay Connected, Educate During the Coronavirus

Educators: If you're teaching at a school or university, consider playing WhatsApp with your students if schooling is interrupted. Stay connected with your ...

Coronavirus Outbreak: List of all state, Union Territories Helplines

Coronavirus Outbreak: list of all states, helplines of the Union territories, COVID-19 tracking map. With the novel coronavirus spreading across India, fear ...

India Launches Chatbot on WhatsApp to Create Awareness on Coronavirus Pandemic

To raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic, India is turning to WhatsApp, the country's most popular app. Narendra Modi, India's prime minister, said ...

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