A complete Guide to use WhatsApp While Working from Home

Table of Contents

Working From Home?


Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, most workplaces have shifted operations to employee’s homes, the knock-on effect of which means communication is through services like Whatsapp.

Work-Life Balance


A good place to start is using separate accounts for personal and professional purposes – like Batman and Bruce Wayne. There are some applications that will help you set up two accounts on the same phone (like Android’s Parallel Space)

Clock in, Clock out

Do not overstay – During post-work hours avoid texting your colleagues. It helps you – and them – find that elusive work-life balance.

Be Professional

Keep private conversations between private chats and colleagues, avoid spamming the main workgroup.

Whatsapp Grouping


For all, there is a group and there should be-don’t pool all the work in one area-use subgroup to segregate and compartmentalize.

Whatsapp Calls

Do you need a conference? WhatsApp has protected it-you can make group calls, they need both audio and video in the face-to-face off chance contact.

Whatsapp Web


WhatsApp Web may just be your best new friend. Moving WhatsApp to the desktop makes it easy to keep tabs and keeps you from slipping down the rabbit hole on your phone alerts.

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