How WhatsApp Helps You Stay Connected, Educate During the Coronavirus

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If you’re teaching at a school or university, consider playing WhatsApp with your students if schooling is interrupted.

Stay connected with your students

If you don’t already have telephone numbers for students, create a universal connection that will allow students to initiate a WhatsApp chat with you. Share the connection via email, Facebook page, or any non-public channel.

Deliver lessons on WhatsApp

Share the lessons in text and voice message format. Facilitate conversations between students by creating a group for each class, just as you would in person.

Send and receive Activities

Using the broadcast lists to give multiple students homework at once. The broadcast message can only be heard by friends who have added you to their phone address book. Responses will only go to you, so that students can reply with assignments completed.

Be available to your students remotely

Provide opportunities for real-time learning, including group voice and video calls.

Keep students engaged

Give your classes a look at your day behind the scenes by posting the status updates.

Send messages from your computer

Using WhatsApp Site to easily and securely access a great number of WhatsApp messages from your laptop.

WhatsApp is for use only in compliance with applicable laws and WhatsApp Terms of Service, including the minimum age needed for our services to be used. Do not allow students or others to use WhatsApp while they are under the minimum required age, or require students to use WhatsApp on a mandatory basis.

Here’s an effort by whatsapp and @Mygovinda to ensure you get accurate and confirmed Coronavirus information.

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Coronavirus Whatsapp Status, Messages 2020

Coronavirus alert

CORONA शब्द में ही छुपा है,कोरोना से बचाव!

C – Clean Your Hands
O – Off From Gatherings
R – raise Your Immunity
O – Only Sick to Wear Mask
N – No to Handshake
A – Avoid Rumours.

Coronavirus Funny Jokes

चीन वाले हर सामान नकली भेजते है केवल एक दो दिन ही चलता है
पर वायरस सालो ने असली भेज दिया अभी भी चल रहा है |

Coronavirus Whatsapp Status

जो लोग पहले हगने के बाद भी अपने हाथ नहीं धोते थे
आज वो लोग Sanitizer से अपने हाथ धो रहे है,
ये कैसा चमत्कार है ?

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