WhatsApp: How to use on Multiple Devices? How to use two Numbers?

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How to use WhatsApp on multiple Devices?

WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, connecting more than 1.6 billion users on the move. Users can use their accounts only on one computer at a time. but it looks like that will soon change. With many using more than the phone, some ask whether it is possible to use one whatsapp account on multiple devices or phone numbers.

Many Smartphones now support dual – SIM card slots, allowing users to use two different numbers on a single device. Officially you cannot use two WhatsApp accounts in one smartphone.

Companies like Samsung and Huawei also offer the Dual Apps, also known as the Dual Mode feature, which allows users to switch between two different accounts of the same chat app while Google Play is another.

WhatsApp’s position is an account that can only be checked on one device using a single number.

Those who own a dual SIM phone must pick only one number in WhatsApp to check.

The mobile messaging application doesn’t provide the option of getting a two-phone WhatsApp account.

Attempting to move WhatsApp account frequently between different devices will eventually lead to blocking from re-verifying their account.

WhatsApp wrote in a statement: “Please don’t switch between various devices and numbers again and again.”

While they were playing around in the new WhatsApp update, WABetaInfo discovered this.

The beta testing revealed that the encryption key would change if someone moved to another device, and a message would be sent in-app.

You can see one example on the Twitter account of WABetaInfo:


It is good news for someone who likes to switch between two handheld devices (for example, a phone to a tablet) and is still having a smooth experience. It can be inconvenient either to set up WhatsApp again or to cart two computers around.

Whatsapp allows access to the same WhatsApp account from multiple devices and this whatsapp beta for iOS update there is a new feature called Registration Notifications, very useful when you request a new code from a second device.

There is a secret string in this beta “Changed the recipient’s system list. Tap Confirm the new security code This string lets us understand that the mutual messages encryption key is linked to the chat’s members list of devices.

How to use whatsapp on two devices?

Here are the names and locations every manufacturer uses for this feature.

  • Samsung: Dual Messenger – Settings > Advance Features > Dual Messenger
  • Xiaomi (MIUI): Dual Apps – Settings > Dual Apps
  • Oppo: Clone Aoos – Settings: Clone Apps
  • Vivo App Clone – Settings: App clone
  • Asus: Twin Apps – Settings: Twin Apps
  • Huawei and Honor: App twin – Settings: App Twin

How to use Dual WhatsApp features on your smartphone:

  1. Start by opening the Dual Apps setting option on the smartphone.
  2. Now pick the app you want to replicate WhatsApp in this case.
  3. Next, go back to the home screen and press the second WhatsApp logo visible on the launcher app.
  4. Now you must configure yourself with a second phone number and start connecting with your contacts.

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