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Standing in the corner of the metro-rail compartment, without even an inch of space for his limbs to pass, the young man appears unperturbed, his whole focus on his mobile. Through taps, one can see his facial expression shift and swipe over his mobile’s glass screen. Miles away, a young woman is busy on her smartphone waiting for her rendezvous with the hairstylist – strange funny noises from her mobile punctuate the lobby chatter. In all probability, both are interested in gaming, and so are millions of others.

The mobile gaming industry is booming, with the advent of smartphones and growing Internet access. The discovery-download-deletion headache is one that needs immediate attention, with new games and applications being released each day.

For Delhi based Yashash Agarwal, however, there was something away from the mobile gaming experience. He felt the friction was needless and lacked simplicity. Barely 20 years old, Yashash, who represented India at the Thiel Summit in San Francisco, started working on the concept of a gaming site similar to social networks.

His aim was to build a portal where gamers could play and share new games while they consume content on the social network: all with a swipe and without the hassle of installing new apps every time.

At the time, Yashash’s elder brother Gaurav was employed with Bain & Company, an Indian Business dropout company. He was keen to keep on track about the gaming industry’s technical progress. When Yashash spoke with his elder sibling about his intentions to build a gaming site, Gaurav left his job. Then the two brothers went on developing Gamezop, a forum for playing, streaming then sharing games without any difficulty.

Gamezop designs the games for HTML5. HTML5 games should not be installed as applications and are not connected to any particular operating system (i.e. games on the phone that operate across Android, iOS, Windows, etc.). These games are also device-agnostic and can run on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, smart TVs, entertainment systems in-flight, etc.

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How Gamezop Works

Gamezop is a casual gaming destination where users can play games without installing software, and share the games with friends via WhatsApp or Facebook as playable web links. The games come from developers of HTML5 games from around the globe, and the deal is revised every week. It eliminates the hassle of finding and installing gaming apps entirely, as only a handful of games are featured each week. Gaurav and Yashash plan to make playing and sharing games as easy as watching and sharing images and videos on social networks via the website.

Gamezop consists of many features that only the application defines as exclusive to the creators. Second, users can use a single tap to play featured games, without installing any software. Second, unlike other gaming portals, Gamezop also provides its users with the ability to play in offline mode. The platform includes weblinks for every single game that can be posted on chat devices, and played on the browser, to make the experience more interactive.

Gamezop works as a platform on three different levels.

Aggregation: The company has collaborated with several developers of indie games across the globe who work on HTML5 technology and have access to 300 + high-quality titles.

Curation: Each and every single game in India is tested for consistency, and rendered consumer-fit.

Packaging: To avoid the clutter in the app stores, four new games are published on a weekly basis.

Players which have been aboard so far are ‘super casual players’ or ‘snack games’ according to Yashash. Within the first ten seconds of use, a user can comprehend the nitty-gritty of such games; examples would include Flappy Brid and 2048. Much of it is based on the intrinsic quotient of addiction, on which most games typically rely.

Currently, the Gamezop app is in beta and available on the Play Store. ” European developer partners carry out comprehensive tests on that,” Yashash says.

Play Games and Earn Money

Gamezop is the best place for you to have fun and earnings from real online gaming in India. Looking for a fun way to pass time while you’re at it and win money through games? By playing games you can easily earn money.

Gamezop has real-money online games in India that don’t need downloads, thus saving space on your computer.

  1. Daily contests with leader boards allow you to track your progress and win money till now.
  2. Challenge your friends and share the link with them through Whatsapp or any other messenger!
  3. With no downloads required, fun games with your friends and real cash prizes, Gamezop is the best place to play games for money platforms.
  4. Gamezop is an aggregator site for many HTML game publishers.

Gamezop targets casual mobile gamers aged 10 to 25. The consumers in this age group typically look for a trouble-free gaming and entertainment experience.

In the country alone, he said, the mobile gaming sector experienced a 135 percent CAGR.

Gamezop app will feature some of the best casual games on 1 platform! Play the new games on a single device from top developers-no need to install each game individually. It is what we’re doing to offer you some of the best mobile games: The games that don’t need WiFi are now casual games and phone apps. Picked carefully-all games below 2 MB. Curated content-some of the best incidental game.

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Gamezop is simple to use. To log in, enter your Paytm code. After you’ve signed in, you’ll find a variety of live tournaments for games on real money. Participate in any live tournament (Championship), play unlimited times during the tournament (Championship), earn high scores, and win real cash.

The Fun Online Gamezop Games in India

Gamezop offers you to play for real money online with many games that pay real money and with that you can win real money, and it can be a very great deal for you if you have chosen better online games.

Whether its strategy, arcade, action, adventure, logic, sports, puzzle or anything else. We make sure we have it.  Some of these are the games you’ll never get to play and win real money anywhere else. And you can play games win money by playing those games online on gamezop website.

Try out HTML games including Shadow Run, Sheriff’s Wrath, Blackbeard’s Island, Blocking Bugs, and many more online games to win real money.

HTML5 Mobile Games enable freedom

In today’s on-demand economy, users want their services and they want it now. HTML5 games portal paves the way for any time, anywhere gaming for your users. It just so happens that we also provide high-quality phone games and desktop games for your app or website.

HTML5 mobile games work on any device, operating system or platform. No installation is required, and integration is a breeze. So what are you waiting for? Give your users the chance to play the best free HTML5 games in India and in the world today!

The description of Gamezop (Play & Win)

On this application, you can play many online games. These are simple, easy to play games of many different categories: cricket, soccer, baseball, basketball, match-3, shooting, racing, puzzles, chess, pool, video games and so on.

Play anywhere

Every day, games are played on websites, portals or inside apps across devices such as smartphones, smart TVs and tablets.

Find here Best HTML 5 PC Games and Mobile Games

Online games in your free time offer great means of entertainment. But have you ever wondered how they make your favorite online games? Maybe you’d love to create and share your own games with friends and family but don’t know how to get started?

In this, I have carefully listed some of the best HTML5 Gamezop games for PC and Mobile.

  1. Shade Shuffle


    Shade Shuffle
    Shade Shuffle is an arcade game where critical thought and the ability to solve puzzles are needed. Quick slip gamers, Hoop Loop games, and other Gamezop games would enjoy Shade Shuffle. Players must match balls within a defined period of time to the right colors. What makes the game an all-round entertainer is a battle to twist orbs to the right color. In this game, players must strategically move a circle in such a way that a foundation of the same color matches the balls falling from the sky. This is a quick but easy game that always keeps the players on their toes.

    The gameplay is simple. Players are expected to rotate two colored circles as colored balls fall from the sky. These balls will fall just the same color on the foundation. Thus players have to rotate the circles with the balls in the time. If a ball strikes the base of an incorrect color, the player’s game over. The difficulty starts as the balls begin to fall more quickly, and the player discovers that the circles only move in defined directions, not in the same direction. Handling two circles can be challenging but Shade Shuffle is a cakewalk once the player finds their groove.

    Shade Shuffle as a whole is a brilliant and captivating puzzle game that leaves the player coming back for more. The graphics are picturesque and the sound effects are appropriate for the game’s mood. Overall, Shade Shuffle is one of Gamezop’s best-developed games and is a must-try for people who just want to relax.

    Tip: Use both hands to tap simultaneously!

  2. Pirate KidPirate Kid

    Pirate Kid is a fun racing game where players have to direct young pirate through stormy seas and tumultuous docks in order to achieve survival. Numerous obstacles along the way hinder a smooth sail for the player. They have to work hard to avoid roadblocks and collect gems to achieve the goal. Pirate Kid is an exciting and highly enjoyable game players find hard to put down. This fast-paced game allows players to think and strategize while on the move. Pirate Kid needs quick fingers and fast thinking to get full points.

    The laws are facile. Players have to direct their young pirate over a series of frequently arranged planks. Yet at odd times birds are going to fly at the pirate and players must do their hardest to stop them. The hero is in motion all the time but it is up to the player to guide him carefully so he gathers gems along the way. Collide with a bird and the game is over. The kid runs at a controlled pace and gets super-fast at times. At these moments, players must be alert, as this is when the birds and other threats attempt to strike.

    Pirate Kid has cheerful background music and stunning visuals. The character and objects are well built, and pleasing to the eye as well. Pirate Kid is a complete entertainer, great for players of all ages. Pirate Kid is, like all other Gamezop games, the proper sense of the words casual games.

    Tip: Beware of those high jumps!

  3. Pigeon Bomber

    Pigeon Bomber
    Pigeon Bomber is an arcade game that by the end, leaves the player in splits. Have you ever been irritated by the droppings of those pigeons falling on you during the day? Now, this is your chance to see the whole thing from the point of view of the pigeon! Be the nemesis for many people, and ruin the day just as they did for you! Choose the most passive vengeance you can find. Pigeon Bomber is an entertaining game where players spend a day in a pigeon’s life. See what it does during the day and what challenges it encounters through its eyes.

    The rules for gaming are simple. Players must maneuver their pigeon across the sky while avoiding bats, lamposts and billboards of other kinds. Yet players do have to be sure to drop down on the folks below. The higher your points the more people that you hit. Players need to have the exact goal of firing at men. During the meantime, the player also has to swipe his fingers up and down to save the pigeon from colliding with obstacles.

    Tip: Watch out for the other birds!

  4. Monsterjong

    Monsterjong is a strategy game in which players are forced to use all their brain cells. In this Mahajong lookalike, players have to put pairs of cards together. Players must put forward their best foot, and play to the best of their abilities. Do you see the pattern or does the clock run out? Players in this race must be fast and agile against time. The only thing that saves the player in this puzzle game is to find out the pattern and match similar tiles. Players have to objectively think and function accordingly. Monsterjong is a mind-blowing twist to the old classic game!

    The game rules are clear. Players are expected to match two similar tiles within the time limit. The tiles are stacked below each other so players may not be able to reach those tiles even though they may be visible. The game plays much like the old Mahajong but with minor variations in which the game is based on a crowd of zombies, witches and ghosts. Passing each level guarantees play more points.

    Players need to get better in matching as the rates rise as the number of pairs increases too. With more and more patterns and styles, being able to suit them perfectly is a challenge for the player.

    Overall the game is perfect for all lovers of puzzles. The monster plot and haunted aura is a great environment for an arcade game. The musical score is apt to arouse the whole feeling of horror. This game is a fun and exciting combination to the right. Monsterjong is the epitome of casual games and enthralls players of all ages.

    Tip: Don’t be fooled by the tiles under the stacks.

  5. Cute Towers 2
    Cute Towers 2

    Cute Towers 2 is a fun-filled arcade game with the players all laughing and no tension at the end. In this arcade game, players are challenged to surmount the objects ‘cuteness and play a rational game. Cute towers 2 is a matching game that is a little more complicated than normal. Players have to search their brains under the time constraints to find a solution. This match three game will have the players frantically swiping on their screens to achieve the end goal.

    The game rules are clear. To delete them and gain more points, players must successfully stack blocks of the same color. The challenge starts when not one tower but two-block towers start to shape at the same time. Players must move blocks quickly from one tower to the next before time runs out. If the blocks fill the frame, it’s game over! Cute Towers allows the player not to be distracted by the cute-looking blocks and focus on matching them wisely in color, which is a challenging task to do.

    Cute Towers is a game that is fun and visually appealing. With their tiny mouths and eyes, the blocks of varying colors look lifelike. The music is soothing and sets off the mood perfectly for a casual game. Overall this is one of the internet’s most enjoyable casual games to date. It is a must for players of all ages, and can be played with family as well!

    Tip: Try to quickly match colors before the stack hits the ends of the screen!

  6. Foot Chinko
    Foot Chinko

    Foot Chinko is one of a kind game. It’s got unusual gameplay for a mobile sports game. Foot Chinko is a football game in story mode that is both exciting and enjoyable. You run a foreign team in Foot Chinko, and play a number of matches against other foreign opponents. Although this is a football game, it has little to no action, this game really tilts more towards logic, puzzle and straight. So, you must use your mind more than your skills to score goals and progress through championships.

    Foot Chinko isn’t quick, it draws little inspiration from the classic pinball, where the pinball is soccer in this game and you can kick it in the net without the goalkeeper or opponent players intercepting the football. The striking aspect of this game is that all the players stay fixed in their positions, the only change is the ball that continues to bounce off the players until it is done. The game is simple and great fun to play and the numerous levels get more complex and challenging as you progress further.

    Foot Chinko mixes fantastic graphics with some synchronized music and sound effects, all of which make the game a big success. The new approach to this game of sport is a complete success and will definitely make you a fan.

    Tip: Time your kicks for better accuracy.

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