Balance Sheet of Life


The Balance sheet of God in which Your Whole life’s Work, deeds whether right or wrong is noted down and you’ll get return by way of Surplus or Deficit of Life

There is a poem on Balance Sheet of Life

Birth is your opening stock.
What comes to you is credit.
What goes from you is debit.
Death is your closing stock.
Your ideas are your assets.
Your bad habits are your liabilities.
Your happiness is your profit.
Your sorrow is your loss.
Your soul is your goodwill.
Your heart is your fixed assets.
Your character is your capital.
Your knowledge is your investment.
Your age is your depreciation.
And Finally:
Always remember, God is your auditor
have a nice balance sheet of life.

Balance sheet of life is the one which shows where a person stands in life and what is his performance. Here life is compared to financial balance sheet because an individual’s life also comprises of pluses and minuses as in finance. Every individual wants to improve his life in his own aspect and achieve success.The balance sheet is the right way to achieve success in life. It allows a person to work out strategies, make changes and be successful.

Balance sheet differs from person to person because of the difference in thinking of each individul.Many think that God has already drawn thier Balance sheet of life and nothing can be changed in it. It’s true one doesn’t bring anything while coming to this world and one doesn’t carry anything while leaving this world. Some think that the assets would be favourable to their successors and some feel that their successors will become lazy if they leave the assets.

Finally good and bad are the only things one carries while leaving this world. people always try to have a good balance sheet of life, but nobody in this world is perfect. So one must be always helpfull to others in the society to have a good balance sheet of life.

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