Top 10 trending love WhatsApp status

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Top 10 trending love WhatsApp status

Initially in 2009, a basic “text only” status feature was provided by the creators. Later in February 2017, the WhatsApp status got reinvented. It allowed the user to share photos, videos, links, and text easily with end-to-end encryption. This status, when updated, disappears after 24 hours. The video length should be of 30 seconds or less to get uploaded on status for 24 hours. Status is a good way to convey your message to your closed ones.

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There are so many types of statuses available on the internet. Anything you feel to share with your contacts, it is possible. Be it some funny story, something philosophical, inspirational or beyond that, WhatsApp enables you to share it.

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Many people like to express their love for their loved ones using digital mediums. People also like to let people know their love towards their closed ones.

If you are looking for trending love status for WhatsApp, here are the top ten status for you.

  • The beginning of every beautiful thing in life is Love.
  • Your smile makes the world more peaceful.
  • The best treasure in your life is the person who truly loves you.
  • Love is something that turns life into a fairytale.
  • The most difficult task for me is to express my love for you in words.
  • No matter what, my love for you will never die.
  • Love is the sun that comes out from the clouds and warms your soul.
  • Your unexpected messages make me blush.
  • Everytime I get a WhatsApp notification, I hope it’s you.
  • Sometimes, being loved is the only medicine that works.

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