ICICI Bank Launches Whatsapp Banking Service: How to use and other details

ICICI Bank users can send commands on WhatsApp to avail bank services Photo Credit: twitter.com/ICICIBank

In order to ensure smooth banking services amid the coronavirus lockdown, ICICI Bank introduced a WhatsApp banking app. ICICI Bank’s WhatsApp banking service comes as the banking sector has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic after banks were forced to limit their services in the wake of the national shutdown and social distancing. By using the service, ICICI customers can take advantage of basic banking services such as checking account balance, the last three transactions, finding branches and ATMs, having information on loan deals, blocking/unblocking credit and debit cards, and more, right on the WhatsApp Messenger app.

The ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking Service comes as a bank initiative to prevent people from venturing outside for banking needs during the COVID-19 outbreak and national lockdown. Whatsapp service operates by means of a dedicated phone number that enables a user to easily type out whatever banking service they are looking to use.

To those willing to use the service in Hindi a separate phone number is given. ICICI Bank has made WhatsApp banking into a 24-hour service and has been reaching out to clients to remind them of the same. Even non-ICICI Bank users can search branches and ATMs close them using the WhatsApp.

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How to use ICICI Whatsapp Banking Service

  1. Save your smartphone with the ICICI Bank WhatsApp banking number (+ 91 93249 53001 for English, or 9324953010 for Hindi).
  2. Using Whatsapp sends a message to this number )a simple ‘HI’ should be enough).
  3. The bank will list the available services in an automated response, along with their keywords on WhatsApp.
  4. Now ICICI Bank account holders have to type different keywords for each service in order to make use of the services. The keywords are also identified when a user creates WhatsApp applications along with the apps.

ICICI Bank Whatsapp Service Keywords

  1. For checking account balance, users can send ‘Balance,’ ‘Bal,’ ‘ac bal,’ and more on that chat.
  2. For viewing the last 3 transactions, users can type ‘transaction,’ ‘stmt,’ ‘history,’ ‘statement,’ and more
  3. To check the outstanding balance on credit cards and get credit card limit – ‘limit,’ ‘cc limit’ or ‘cc balance,’ ‘credit balance,’ and ‘credit card balance’ are the keywords.
  4. To block/unblock debit and credit cards instantly, type ‘block,’ ‘lost my card’ or ‘unblock.’
  5. To find ICICI Bank Branches and ATM nearby, users can type ‘branch’ or ‘ATM.’ However, in order to locate the nearest branch or ATM, the bank will ask you to share your location on whatsapp.
  6. For loan-related services, one can simply type ‘loan,’ ‘home loan,’ ‘personal loan’ or ‘instant loans.’

There are more keywords that can be used by a customer to make use of the above services. Now, it’s also important to remember that ICICI’s WhatsApp banking service provides nothing that can’t already be done via the mobile application from ICICI Bank. Despite this, ICICI Bank is taking a positive measure to discourage account holders from going to the bank directly and to ensure social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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