Ramadan Mubarak Messages, Quotes, Greetings for Ramadan Mubarak

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and a great opportunity for all Muslims by fasting and praying to Almighty Allah to purify their mind, body, heart, and soul. The Ramadan is not only for fasting, but all Muslims should also dedicate themselves to self-sacrifice such as abstaining from drink or food and physical needs, asking for forgiveness for their wrongdoings, and devoting themselves to Allah. And make sure that your friends and family get the proper benefits of this Ramadan so tell them about this holy month’s activities and duties. Here are some Ramadan wishes, messages, and prayers from Ramadan Kareem to welcome your Muslim friends and family for having a happy Ramadan that might make them feel more attentive to fulfill all of the religious obligations of this 2020 Holy Ramadan.

Ramadan starts on Friday evening (April 24) and finishes on May 23. On the auspicious occasion, you may wish these beautiful messages to your loved ones:

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Ramadan Mubarak Messages

  • May Allah place the mercy upon all the Muslims all around the world on this happy occasion of Eid! Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating!
  • Happy Eid Mubarak! Wishing everyone happy holidays, stay safe and pray to your Almighty.
  • May Allah place the mercy upon all the Muslims all around the world on this happy occasion of Eid! Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating!
  • Eid is a day to cheer and to laugh with all your heart. It’s a day to be grateful to Allah for all of his heavenly blessings on us. Wishing you a happy Eid.
  • Let’s celebrate as the month of Ramadan begins here. Filling our life happiness and mirth, as Allah bless as once again with prosperity and cheer. Happy Ramadan!
  • May Allah bless you in this holy month. Ramadan Mubarak.
  • Ramadan Mubarak. May the blessings of Ramadan pour your life with happiness, togetherness and triumphs and shine with the divine blessings of Allah!
  • Let the divinity of this holy month erase all the sinful thoughts off your mind and fill it with a sense of purity and gratitude towards Allah! Ramadan Mubarak to you!
  • Ramadan Kareem! May Allah give you all the prosperity and success. May Allah bless you with wealth and happiness and gives you a healthy life.
  • Happy Ramadan. Wishing a blessed Ramadan that will inspire you with courage and strength that will help you to win every challenge of life!
  • Wishing you a happy Ramadan. May God bless your path with knowledge and light that will help to enlighten your heart!
  • May Allah ease your hardships and shower you with loads of peace and prosperity during this holy month of Ramadan. Have a blessed time!
  • Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah bless you and your family in this holy month.

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Ramadan Kareem Messages

  • All I wish that on this holy month your heart and home be filled with all the blessings of Almighty. Happy Ramadan.
  • I wish that the spirit of Ramadan enlighten your heart and help you clearly judge between truths and false, or right and wrong. Ramadan Mubarak.
  • May this Ramadan bring the blessings for the entire humanity that we can walk on the way of peace and harmony! Happy Ramadan to everyone.
  • May this festivity push peace to transcend the earth, let light brighten up the world and grow hope to every Muslim’s heart. Happy Ramadan!
  • As you do abstinence every day of this holy month of Ramadan, May the spirit of faith, the warmth of love, and the power of togetherness are with you always.
  • As you fast and offer prayers to Allah, may you find your peace and happiness? Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan!
  • Ramadan is the best chance to ask Allah for forgiveness. Thank him for his blessings and for keeping you alive until this moment.

  • Happy Ramadan to everyone. May all your devotions are answered and May Allah rewards you for all the good deed you!
  • Welcome the month of Ramadan with the heart filled with peace, harmony, and joy. May the divine blessings of Allah protect and guide you.
  • Four Weeks of mercy, 30 days of worship, 720 hours of Spirituality. 43,200 Minutes of Forgiveness, 2592000 Seconds of Happiness, Ramadan Kareem Mubarak.

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